-- Bruno & Michel are Smiling with Skipperrr

saturday  |  12.4.014  |  20:00 Uhr | starts straight > 20:30

noisy13 presents:
-- Bruno & Michel are Smiling with Skipperrr ---
live! loud! 20:00 Uhr
zum Beispiel:

Dear Madame, dear Sir,
Pitchfork and rifle are ready for you.
Some real work has to be done/
by one who wants to stand on his own feet.
A Body like steel able to plough native soil by its bare hands.
From travels to the paths of Buddha you know what truth is.
Your neighbours are so joyfull every time you give them some of your self-pickled cucumbers.
Do you pay by credit card? Good! When we will sit together by candlelight drinking a glass of whine, you will suffocate from the big piece of steak that you just swallowed! Then I leave in your big car and continue with my business at the stock Exchange.


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